Dave Stevens on Understanding this Housing Market

By: Lexi Malen

While this article is targeted for those in the mortgage and housing industries, I felt it is good background for everyone regarding today’s housing market.  David Stevens has the ability to explain things with insight in an easily readable fashion.  As I read through it I found I agreed and reinforced my thoughts that this is part of the normal cycles.


Article: Dave Stevens on Understanding this Housing Market

Source: www.HousingWire.com

Article Highlights

  • The housing market won’t be like this forever. As quickly as rates dropped in March of 2020, as quickly as they rose in 2022, markets shift.
  • Just as the Fed overreacted with stimulus, they are likely overreacting in their quantitative tightening, meaning mortgage rates are certain to come down, likely later next year.
  • The chief economist at the MBA forecasts rates in the mid 5% range by end of year next year. Things will get better




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