Most Buyers Say Relocation Is Much Better

By: Gem Home Loans

Last year, after the coronavirus’ onset, there was a lot of talk about how Americans were looking to move from city centers into the suburbs and exurbs. The pandemic had us staying at home more and more time in the house led to a wave of home buyers with a freshly updated wishlist.

Space, privacy, and affordability led the list of features buyers were now focused on finding. In short, they wanted a bigger place with more outdoor space and a lower monthly cost. So how’d they do? Well, according to one recent survey, pretty well. In fact, 80 percent of those buyers said they’re happier now and had no regrets about their decision to move to a new area. Many of them also reported having more disposable income and lower housing costs than they did before they moved.

And while about 15 percent said they had some regrets about their move, that’s remarkably low considering these buyers were making an important decision about their future during a chaotic time. Now the question is whether or not the trend will last as the pandemic’s impact begins to recede. (source)

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