Gem Home Loans is staffed with true experts who will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding a 30 yr fixed rate mortgage in Michigan. At the same time, though, you’ll never have to worry about us trying to sell you any type of mortgage. We will always work in your best interests – not ours. Not every mortgage company will do that. You can rest easy knowing that you will be the best informed consumer possible when it comes to determining whether or not this kind of mortgage is right for you.

The Gem Home Loans Advantage

30 Yr Fixed Rate Mortgage MichiganHave you ever worked with a traditional lender when looking for a mortgage? There’s probably a good chance one of that company’s representatives tried to steer you in a certain direction – whether or not it was actually best for your specific financial situation.

The reason is that a lot of lenders simply don’t care. They want you to get a certain type of mortgage because it makes them a huge commission. That’s what a lot of mortgage lenders do. They put profits over people.

But at Gem Home Loans, we don’t do that. In fact, we can’t stand that approach. Most of us come from that traditional lender background, and we hated the way those companies did business. We have a better way – and that’s why we’re the better choice. We will spell out all of the pros and cons of all lending programs we offer. When we recommend a specific program, it will be because we know it will be the best one for you and your family.

Sure, we want to make money just like any other business. But we won’t sell out our customers to do so. We look at more than just terms, liabilities and rates. We look at people. All of our experts are committed to making sure our clients are completely happy with the decisions they ultimately make.

 30-Year Mortgage FAQ

Gem Home Loans has been around for quite a few years. As such, you can probably figure that we receive a lot of questions on 30-year mortgages. Here are just a few of the more common ones.

  • What is the main benefit of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage? – Certainty. Since your interest rate will be fixed, you won’t have to worry about monthly fluctuations. Of course, that means you won’t save money when the rate goes down. But you also won’t have to pay more when rates go up.
  • Why would I want to consider another type of mortgage? – There are some disadvantages to a 30-year mortgage, just like there are benefits and disadvantages with any type of loan program. You’ll pay a lot more interest, for instances, than you’d pay if you took out a 15-year mortgage. That could mean paying thousands of dollars more over the life of the loan.
  • I’m still confused. How can you help? – At Gem Home Loans, we take the time to make sure you completely understand all of your options. We’ll never talk down to anyone, of course, but we also know that mortgages are very complex. After you’re done talking to us, you’ll know exactly what program will be the right choice.

Learn more about how Gem Home Loans can help answer any questions you may have regarding a 30 yr fixed rate mortgage in Michigan. Call (248) 780-1030 or contact us online.