When it comes to deciding on a Berkley mortgage company, you’re going to need to do some due diligence. Of course, at Gem Home Loans we believe your best move will be to work with us. We do more than just give one quote from one bank. Our company works with dozens of investors, so we can shop around for the very best rate. We’ll also make sure that whatever loan you choose will be one that will fit within your budgetary limitations – not one that will lead to years of financial challenges.

Why We’re Different

Berkley Mortgage CompanyYou’ve probably heard so many mortgage companies say they’re different that you no longer even pay attention to that claim. At Gem Home Loans, we won’t just tell you we’re different – we’ll show you. Our team of skilled, experienced brokers will always work in your best interests. We won’t try to steer you toward a certain kind of loan just because it will make us a fat commission. There are a lot mortgage companies that take that approach.

When you work with us, you’ll be working with a company that believes in always keeping the lines of communication wide open. This can be kind of a scary time for some homebuyers, and many of them have a lot of concerns and questions. If you’re in that category, the last thing you’ll want will be a mortgage company that disappears when you need it the most.

You’ll never have to worry about that when you turn to Gem Home Loans. We’ll work very closely with you, determining the right loan that will meet your needs as well as your budget. Whenever you want to know something, just get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Getting the Best Rate Possible

You obviously want to get the lowest interest rate you possibly can when buying a new home. The lower the rate, the more affordable your monthly payment will be – and the more money you’ll be able to keep in your bank account over the life of the mortgage. So, how do you go about getting that rate? Keeping the following in mind will help.

  • Don’t ignore your debt – No matter what mortgage company you work with, it’s going to want a picture of the amount of debt you have. In order to get the most attractive loan possible, you’re going to need to shed as much debt as possible. Debt-to-income is critical. If your balances stay below 30 percent of your limits, you’re going to be much more attractive to lenders – and get a much lower interest rate as a result.
  • Credit management – This is another key factor in determining what kind of interest rate you’ll pay. When you’re on-time with all of your bills, and you keep your debt-to-income ratio as low as you can, that will help boost your credit score.
  • Pre-approval will be key – If you can obtain a preapproval letter, that will give you an incredible amount of leverage when buying a home. The letter basically shows a seller how much you’ll be likely to get from a lender. When you have one, that shows you already have financing in place. That could also get you a lower rate.

Gem Home Loans is a Berkley mortgage company that is committed to its customers. Find out more by contacting us online or calling (248) 780-1030.