Gem Home Loans belongs on any list of the best mortgage refinance companies in Michigan. You might think that’s a boast, but it’s not meant to be one. We simply believe that there are no other mortgage companies better than us. Our customer service is unmatched, as is our commitment to finding clients the very best loans possible, at the very best terms. We have no problem sitting down with clients and thoroughly spelling out all of their options – not all mortgage companies can honestly say they do the same thing.

Should You Consider Refinancing?

Best Mortgage Refinance Companies in MichiganWhen people work with Gem Home Loans, they can always depend on us to give them an honest answer. If you are thinking of refinancing, we’ll be completely upfront when it comes to either recommending you pursue this option or not. Refinancing is a great way of taking money out of a home or lowering a monthly mortgage payment. But it’s not for everyone.

What is refinancing? Basically, it means you’ll be taking out a new home loan. Most homeowners refinance on the amount of money they still have remaining on their mortgage. Refinancing loans typically have better terms than original loans. However, things can get fairly difficult if you’re refinancing for the first time, or if you don’t have a great credit score.

You’ll need to really think long and hard about whether or not refinancing will be right for you. There could be a chance you’ll get better terms, but there are a lot of factors that will have a major impact on whether or not that’s the case. Not only will your credit score be a factor, but so will the amount of the original loan that has been paid – in other words, the amount of equity you have in your home.

Like any kind of loan program, a refinance has its advantages and disadvantages, including the following.

The Good

  • Your new loan will probably come with a significantly lower interest rate, which could help you save thousands of dollars in the next few years.
  • More than likely, your monthly mortgage payment will also go down.
  • There’s a chance it won’t take you as long to pay off your new loan.
  • You might be able to pursue a refinance that could give you a significant amount of cash, which you can use any way you like. While you might want to put that money back into your home to make improvements, you could buy a new car, go on an incredible vacation, or whatever you want.
  • Refinancing could also give you some more wiggle room regarding your monthly budget. You might have a child on the way, or your work hours have decreased. Refinancing might possibly be a huge help.

The Bad

  • Refinancing means paying closing costs, just like you had to pay when you first bought your home. So, unless you can put back about $5,000 or so, it might be hard for you to be able to afford a refinance at this time. There is, however, the possibility that a lender could approve you for refinancing without those costs, rolling them into the new loan instead.
  • If you’re refinancing to clear out your credit card debt, you’ll have to be very careful not to re-accumulate that debt. This not only takes a lot of plaining, but also a lot of discipline.

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