If you’ve talked to mortgage brokers about home loans in Ann Arbor, Michigan, you might have found yourself more confused than before you picked up the phone. At Gem Home Loans, however, we take the time to carefully guide all our clients through the loan process.

We spell out all of their options so they can make the best possible decision. After they talk to us, they’re confident that they’re making the right choice for themselves and their loved ones.

Why Choose Us?

Mortgage Brokers Ann Arbor, MichiganOne of the reasons we believe so strongly that we’ll be able to do the same for you is that we partner with many different investors. As a result, we can not only find you the best program, but also the best costs and rates. We don’t treat our clients as numbers, but as people. We’ll get to know your exact situation, and have a deep understanding of exactly what you need. Our brokers are passionate about delivering a level of personalized attention you just won’t find anywhere else.

Even if you have a credit score lower than you like, or you have a “non-traditional” work arrangement, such as being self-employed, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to help. It really doesn’t matter how unique your financial situation may be – we’ll work hard to find a loan that will work for you.

Here are just some of the other reasons you should turn to Gem Home Loans for all your mortgage needs.

  • We take care of the entire process, from helping you find the best rates to helping you with your loan.
  • You won’t have to deal wit a lot of stress. We negotiate for you, working with many different types of lenders – many of whom provide loans to people with less-than-stellar credit.
  • Because of our relationships with dozens of lenders, we have access to hundreds of mortgage products. Our partners not only include credit unions and banks, but several non-traditional lenders as well.
  • We don’t have any geographical limitations. We talk to lenders not only in Ann Arbor, but also lenders across the state. However, we often work with local underwriters and appraisers to help speed the loan process.
  • As you learned earlier, we provide personalized service. You’ll find us to be a lot more accessible than someone you may have previously worked with at your local bank. When you first start working with one of our experts, you’ll continue working with that same person until the loan process is complete.
  • We’re invested in your success. Much like a real estate professional, we won’t receive a dime unless your loan closes.
  • Our team members have decades of experience in home loans. As a result, we know how to make the process go as smoothly as possible.
  • You won’t pay for our services, because we get our money from the bank, credit union or other institution that finances your loan.

Get in Touch With Gem Home Loans to Learn More

All of the mortgage brokers at Gem Home Loans have the same goal in mind – to help our clients obtain the loans they need in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the easiest, most stress-free manner possible. If you would like to learn more about what we may be able to do, we invite you to get in touch. You can call (248) 780-1030 or contact us online.