There are plenty of mortgage companies in Oak Park, Michigan, of course. There’s even a chance you might have worked with one before. Were you happy with your experience, or did it seem that you were just a number, a way that company could earn a fat commission? Odds are, the latter is more likely the case. But when you work with Gem Home Loans, we guarantee your experience will be a whole lot different. We’re not like the typical mortgage company. Our professionals will always have your best interests in mind – not our profit margin.

Taking Away the Stress and Frustration

Mortgage Companies Oak Park, MichiganWhether you’re buying a home for the first time or the fifth time, at Gem Home Loans we believe it should be an exciting time. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most homebuyers. They spend so much time worrying about whether or not they’ll be approved for a loan they find the process way too stressful. Or, they get so fed up with their mortgage company they get incredibly frustrated.

When you turn to Gem Home Loans, you won’t have to deal with any of that nonsense. The reason is we take the time to carefully spell out all of your options. We’ll have all the information we need regarding your finances, because we’ll ask you about your situation. Once we have the info, we’ll be able to recommend exactly what kinds of loans will be best for you.

There are far too many mortgage companies that fail to take their clients’ emotions into accounts. They’re so obsessed with maximizing their profits that they’ll try to force clients into a specific kind of loan. That loan might not be best – in fact, it could prove to be too much for someone to be able to handle over the long term. But those mortgage companies could care less – as long as they make their huge commission, that’s all that matters to them.

Don’t let that happen to you. Work with Gem Home Loans instead. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you are completely happy and comfortable with your ultimate choice.

Loan Options

You’d be surprised at just how many different kinds of loans are out there. Here’s a brief look at just some of the loans we can help you pursue.

  • VA home loans – If you’re a veteran, there aren’t many loan programs that compare to VA loans. You don’t have to have a great credit score, and you might not even have to put anything down. In addition, you won’t have to pay for PMI (private mortgage insurance) every month. As you might expect with a loan program this great, it can be difficult to qualify for a VA loan. We’ll be more than happy to let you know if you do.
  • FHA loans – These might not have the fantastic features of VA loans, but they’re still an excellent alternative. In fact, many people use them to get into new homes. FHA loans often work for people whose credit scores aren’t quite where they want them to be.
  • Conventional loans – You’ve no doubt heard of 15- and 30-year mortgages. These are also known as conventional loans. A Gem Home Loans expert can tell you which one would make the most sense for you.

Get in touch with Gem Home Loans and find out why we’re a better choice than other mortgage companies in Oak Park Michigan. Call (248) 780-1030 or contact us online.