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Should You Pursue a VA Loan?

Mortgage Company East Lansing, MichiganThe VA (Veterans Administration) home loan program is incredibly popular, and has been since it first started way back in the 1940s. Millions of people have used the program to get into homes that otherwise might have been out of reach.

As great as this program may be, it’s not for everyone – in fact, it’s extremely hard to qualify, as you’ll soon see. But if you are eligible, here are just a few of the many, many benefits you’ll enjoy.

  • PMI (private mortgage insurance) doesn’t exist when it comes to a VA loan. If you’re at all unsure whether or not you qualify, it’s worth looking into just for this reason alone. When you get a conventional loan, you have to pay PMI – and, over the life of the loan, that can easily reach into the thousands of dollars – maybe even the tens of thousands.
  • You can get a VA loan without needing a fantastic credit score. With a conventional loan, if you don’t have a good score you’ll find really hard to get approved. If you’re looking for a loan that has a low interest rate, you might find it impossible to do so. Talk to a Gem Home Loans professional for more information.
  • Probably the most important thing for most borrowers is that they don’t have to pay a dime toward a down payment with a VA loan. There are some loans where you have to pay a whopping 20 percent down. Many others will require you to put down at least 3 percent, often times 10 percent.


This is where things can get difficult when it comes to trying to get a VA loan. It’s a great loan for sure – but it’s also extremely hard to get. You’d assume that anyone who has ever served in the military would be eligible, but that’s not the case. You’ll need to fall into one of the following categories just to have a chance to qualify.

  • You served for a certain amount of time in the military before you retired.
  • You’re active military, and you’ve served for the required time period.
  • You aren’t active but you aren’t quite retired – you’re still serving in the Reserves, or the National Guard.
  • You’re the spouse of a veteran who has passed away.

This is only a brief glimpse at all of the qualification requirements for a VA home loan. Get in touch with Gem Home Loans and we’ll tell you much more.

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