Every mortgage company in Grand Blanc, Michigan will tell you they’re the best – at least they should. So, why should you believe us when we say that Gem Home Loans is, in fact, the best? The biggest reason is that we do business differently from the competition. You won’t have to be limited by the constraints most other mortgage companies work under. We work with dozens of investors, so we can find the best possible interest rate that will keep your payments affordable.

But Wait…

Mortgage Company Grand Blanc, MichiganThat’s not even the best reason for going with us. We’re also different because we will never try to steer you toward accepting a certain type of loan just because it makes us a fat commission. Other companies do that, but we don’t. While we’re obviously in business to make a profit, we won’t do that at the cost of our clients’ financial well-being. When you work with us, we’ll make sure you get into a loan program that won’t lead to years of economic misery.

Finding the Best Mortgage Company for Your Needs

You’ve probably started doing some research into mortgage companies – unless you just like reading about them for fun. During this research, you’ve no doubt found that there are a ton of mortgage companies fighting for your business. But if you keep the following in mind, you’ll find it a lot easier to narrow your choices.

Boost Your Credit Score

Yes, this won’t be something you can do overnight, obviously. But if your score is lacking, you’re probably going to find it hard to get a conventional loan. You can try to pursue a government loan, like an FHA loan, or you could go for a VA loan. But if those don’t meet your needs, then you’ll really need to work on raising your credit score.

The best way to do that will be to pay off those high-interest debts as soon as you can. These include credit cards, loans, and anything else that might be dragging your score down. Also, check the credit reporting bureaus to make sure they have the correct information.

Shop Around for Good Rates

If your credit is in good shape, don’t just settle for the first interest rate somebody offers. The rates you see when you go online are basically estimates. When you talk to different companies, they’ll want to check your credit, and then have you fill out a loan application before making any offers. Once they do, however, don’t be afraid to look around to make sure you get the best possible rate. You’ve done the work to keep your credit in great shape. Use that to your advantage.

Ask Questions

Choosing a mortgage company is obviously a huge decision – one of the biggest that you’ll ever make. Some people feel a little intimidated as a result. You really don’t need to be – find out how quickly they respond to client questions and concerns. Ask them how much they charge in closing fees, and any other fees.

Talk to One of Our Experts

The professionals with Gem Home Loans are ready for the opportunity to show you why we should be your go-to mortgage company in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Feel free to put us to the test by contacting us online or calling (248) 780-1030.