It’s Spring! Is It Time To List Your Home?

By: Gem Home Loans

In a normal year, homeowners who want to sell can strategize when the best time for them to list their home might be. For example, it’s generally considered less optimal to put a home up for sale during the dead of winter or the holiday season. But with a pandemic and a lower-than-normal number of homes for sale, when’s the best time for a homeowner to sell this year?

Well, according to the National Association of Realtors’ consumer website, the best time might be right now. “Unlike 2020 when COVID upended the spring home-buying season and pushed buyer interest to later in the year, this year’s housing market is following more typical seasonal trends,” Danielle Hale, the website’s chief economist, said. “With half as many homes available for sale this year than last, sellers are well positioned for a quick sale at top dollar.” In other words, buyers have returned to normal but the inventory of available homes has not.

That means home sellers should be in a good position until the supply of homes increases. However, with so many unknowns ahead, waiting until later in the year bring its own risks. This is why now might be the best time to make a move. (source)

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